ok, so first of all, yugioh season 0 fucking rules. it's before they actually decided to make duel monsters a card game, and when the manga was supposed to be horror rather than shounen. the show revolves around games in general, and yami yugi keeps trapping the bad guy of the week in some saw trap esque game in order to sentence them to indefinite torment. but like, friendship is still the main theme here, so after you see a dude set on fire or turned into some horrific clock-being we cut to the main friends having a wholesome moment together. fantastic whiplash. i'm watching season 1 now, i kinda miss just how downright evil yami was, but the show has done more than enough to keep me hooked.

onto the scenes that spurred me to make this site!

Episode 12, 16:12. yugi gets pool balls pelted at him (these things just happen) and is taken care of by his friends anzu and miho.

Episode 16, around 6:06. this was a really sweet episode, some good character building filler inbetween more serious eps. jounouchi beats up some dudes threatening yugi and gets roughed up in the process, and is later taken care of the nurse who's also taking care of his sister.