sooooo more about me i guess... i've always been comfortable in medical spaces. my mom was a vet and then a doctor so i'm just really accustomed to that stuff. i also spent a lot of time in weird "alternate" therapies for my adhd/autism (thankfully none of them worked, lol!!). the point is i consider all of this a comfy thing, so i thought i'd make a website about it. i chose the forceps n cottonball as my chosen subject just cause its a very noticeable thing- like it was always something i just picked up on as a kid. it wasn't in any american cartoons but it kept popping up in animes. and it's kinda cute, cause it always requires a little trust and care. but then i thought about having to seek out those scenes, which would be really hard, so i decided to include ASMR too, there's a lot of similar tools used.

i'm doing my part in adding weirdness back to the web!!

here are some cool sites ^_^ | AWTHAPOKOI | bemuse | Dentistry