soooo this video was probably my main introduction to a more "narrative" style of asmr. boyoung's videos are always a treat, each one has so much work put into it. i appreciate the fantasy angle to avoid the fact that normal earwax is, well, pretty gross. i admire other creator's dedication to realism, but i don't think it's unpopular to say i much prefer this :P anyway, this vid is older compared to the other stuff on boyoung's channel but it's still totally worth checking out, the tapping on all the handmade accessories is great. i usually don't actually watch the asmr, just listen, but the conversation she has with "you" is plenty engaging and very sweet ^_^

boyoung has also followed this video up with an atlantic mermaid and an elf! they're done in similar styles and with time comes an increase in quality, so i highly recommend them after the mermaid.